What is Acne?

Acne, or pimples, is the commonest skin disease affecting almost 85% of teens at least once in their lifetime. It is a disease of the hair unit of the skin involving the oil producing sebaceous glands situated beside the hair. The sebaceous glands discharge their oily secretions into the hair canal.

Grade 3 or Papulopustular Acne
Moderate Acne: Grade 3 or Papulopustular Acne

Androgen hormones act on the sebaceous glands at puberty and increase their size and sebum (oil) production. The normal function of sebum is to keep the skin smooth and supple by providing an oily environment. Increased sebum secretion and the action of certain bacteria inside the hair canal results in acne formation.

The following series of articles will discuss about different types of acne and modalities of treatment of acne and its complications.

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All About Acne

  1. Acne 101: The Acne Basics
  2. Causes of Acne
  3. Pathogenesis of Acne or How Does Acne Develop?
  4. Acne Triggers
  5. Who is at Risk of Developing Acne?
  6. What are the Different Types of Acne?
  7. Acne: Best Treatment Practices: Why Acne Should be Treated
  8. Acne: General Advices from Dermatologist
  9. Mild Acne: Frequently Asked Questions
  10. How to Treat Mild Acne
  11. Moderate Acne: Frequently Asked Questions
  12. How to Treat Moderate Acne
  13. Severe Acne: Frequently Asked Questions
  14. How to Treat Severe Acne
  15. FAQ on Very Severe Nodulocystic Acne
  16. How to Treat Very Severe Nodulocystic  Acne
  17. Does Food Affect Acne?
  18. Acne: Diet Recommendations
  19. Acne in Teens
  20. Acne in Adults: What it is and how to treat.
  21. Body Acne
  22. Acne Butt
  23. Skin Types
  24. Acne Mimics
  25. Acne: Frequently Asked Questions
  26. Topical Treatment for Acne
  27. Complications of Acne
  28. Acne Scar : Causes
  29. Acne Scar: Treatment
  30. Acne Scar: FAQ
  31. Acne Scar Solution
  32. Stress and Acne: Is it Real?
  33. Acne: Home Remedies: Are they Useful or Just Grandma’s Tales?
  34. Acne: Alternative Treatments: Are they Effective?
  35. Acne Myths
  36. Acne Products
  37. Acne during Pregnancy
  38. Skincare during Acne
  39. Chronic Acne: How to Deal with it
  40. Acne and Depression
  41. Acne Glossary
  42. Acne: Disclaimer

Published by Dr Hanish Babu, MD on 23rd May, 2018


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